Dean Whitbread
Writer, Composer, Producer

Age: to be continued

Status: live

NB: This is a partial, occasionally edited biography. It's still here because Google likes it so much. You can find current career information here, and a list of links to my online work here.

I grew up in Crystal Palace, South London. Graduated with a First in Fine Art at Middlesex where I made mixed-media installations, audio works and scratch videos, and experimented with computers and recording and editing techniques.

Exhibiting art installations, audio and video works in the New Contemporaries at the ICA and in Film festivals in London, Paris, Berlin and New York in 1983 and 1984 established an early reputation in multi-media. After working at the Tate Gallery, I spent many years writing and producing music and video, performing both onstage and in public spaces.

In 1994 I started Netmare, one of the very first web design and webmedia production businesses in the UK. Netmare's excellent design sense and net savvy, combined with a philosophy of making the Net approachable and understandable to the non-specialist led to their establishment as one of the UK's most successful new Internet businesses. As the internet developed in leaps and bounds, so did we, and in places such as live online events using streaming and interactive media, we pioneered techniques which are still used today.

In March 1995 Netmare was central to a pioneering internet simultanous broadcast including Orbital, Blur, the Beasty Boys, Belly, Black Dog, Zion Train, hosted by Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 1. In May Nick Glass's coverage for Channel 4 News of the international internet band, Res Rocket Surfer put our designs on 25 million TV screens across the world. In September, we were part of a BT-sponsored multi-national live internet jam at Olympia, London. In November, we produced the website for the MTV Europe Awards in Paris.

Netmare continued designing and producing interactive webmedia in a variety of formats until 1997 - Time and Space (sample CD catalogue), Vladivar Vodka's Supergrass Live at the Astoria (above) which was a combination of a live rock gig with a games site, the Health Education Authority drugs awareness campaign, Amber Music, McLaren Formula One, the Tribal Gathering music festival.

In 1998 having sold Netmare prior to the tech crash, I produced 'Just Right', for Amnesty International UK, an educational CD Rom which teaches children about human rights. The first product of its kind in the UK it includes documentary footage, first hand testimony from street children, child soldiers, child prisoners, and victims of war.

I was consultant to NormDis AG in Switzerland and helped to build the TipTV Interactive TV Program Guide. I also developed early broadcasts for DJS.CH, raised production standards and implemented live streaming technology in the Basel Moltimoll studio.

In 1999 I produced Vince Clarke's ‘The Shed Show’ a millenium night event.This internet-only production hosted in both a real shed and a virtual one appeared on computer screens in a 12 different countries across the world, and made an appearance on North American network TV.

Between 2000 and 2002 I went on a journey of self-discovery across several continents, re-emerging from my quest with the gift of self-knowledge, peace of mind, the secret of comedy, and some really nice private clients.

From 2003 to 2007 I wrote, recorded, and produced videos, live events, music albums, and did more things than are enumerated here.

Art, Music and Education

In 1998-9 I wrote and produced songs for a project called meTzo. I also recorded and produced 'The Road of the Bard' by 'Harmonica' Matt Griffiths, published by Pan Fried Publishing, and remixed tracks for Vince Clarke’s ‘Family Fantastic’ project.

In December 1999 I exhibited 2 electronic prints 'Turkey' and 'NSPCC Child' in a mixed exhibition 'Re.Production: the Art of the Edition'.

2000-1 helped out at Middlesex University Fine Art department.

In 2005 Funk produced Imagining St Mary Magdalene's an art festival in London, Islington, with Norwegian artists Motherboard.

In 2005-6 I co-wrote and produced Claire Smith's album and John Cleese's world cup football song.


In 2006 I started podcast production company Talking Voices which I ran from 2006 to 2010. I co-founded the UK Podcasters Association, of which noble body I was chairman until 2009. In 2006 UKPA successfully lobbied WIPO to prevent bad UN-mandated internet media regulation, PRS-MCPS to adapt their podcasting license, and the UK's Radio Academy to add podcasting to their esteemed annual Sony Awards, which I was later invited to judge.

In 2007 I instigated Podcamp UK a two-day podcasting "un-conference" in Birmingham.

I also spoke at many events and appeared on numerous panels, including In The City, the UK's annual Radio Festival and BECTU's BAFTA-hosted freelancers event. In 2009 the UKPA joined the Open Rights Group, and I am now on ORG's Advisory Council.

I won the European podcasting award for UK personality 2008/2009.


In 2010, after blogging for six years and enjoying notable success in this form, I started Stan Koretski Publishing as both a vehicle for my own writing and to further develop my interest in eBooks and modern publishing, releasing two short stories, One Way Journey and Ozzie Rozzie to critical acclaim.

Non-Profit & Other Saintly Behaviour:

My first band 'The Believers' first single in 1989 'Save the Planet' raised money for Greenpeace and the Women's Environmental Network. Which was a riot.

In 1993 I began working with Ditti Brook's Swiss fundraising project 'It's 5 to 12'. In 1995 we produced a series of songs including the CD 'Survival Game' which sold particularly well in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In 1996-7 'Survival Game' sold worldwide, distributed on Coconut by BMG, and eventually went platinum in various territories, raising over CHF150,000 for Africa and helping to provide education and clean water. Which was nice.

In 1997 I helped to raise funds for Amnesty International UK by producing the Phoenix Festival live website. Which was hot.

In 2008 I conceived and presented Rise and Shine, a live songwriting show which raised money for Busk Aid, a South African charity providing musical education to township children.

Creative Collaborators, Past and Present

(In chiropodist order) - Mark Crook, Andrew Lagowski, Dan Brittain, Mike Turtle, Per Platou, Amanda Steggell, Ashley Slater, Dan Powell, Geno Washington, Sovra Wilson-Dickson, Vince Clarke, Guy Sigsworth, Kevin Goldsborough, Richard Woods, Andy Carroll, Nick Amour, Maria Davis, Emma Whittle, Mick Martin, Neil Conti, Hugh B. Murphy.

Commercial clients have included:

BBC Radio 1, Levi Strauss Europe, McLaren Formula 1, Tiger Aspect, MTV Europe, EMI Records, Supergrass, Sony Music UK, Polygram International, Amnesty International UK, Time+Space, Forster, McCann Erickson, BBH, Amber Music, Health Education Authority, Momentary Fusion Aerial Theatre Company, PB Games, Norm Dis AG, Switzerland, Vince Clarke, John Cleese.


UK Podcasters Association, Musicians Union, PRS, MCPS and PPL.

Football Club

Crystal Palace FC

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"The success of the Radio 1 Interactive Night broadcast on March 26th 1995 was in large part due to the creative team working on it. The website was created by Netmare, and received praise from listeners, surfers and internet professionals. Netmare were responsible for the overall graphic design and in particular two of the most innovative parts of it. One was the sample database which made available more than a hundred music samples from musicians like Yello, Coldcut and 808 State. Visitors to the site could download some or all of the samples and make their own music with them. They could also vote for their favourites. These samples were then used by the producer/mixer team Sure Is Pure who created a track from them, broadcast live on the show. Netmare also designed the virtual album "InteraCD", which contained 10 tracks unreleased in the UK by major artists like the Beastie Boys, Belly and The Orb. It was an innovative experiment, and more than 300 people downloaded the tracks. Netmare impressed me throughout the project with their creativity, hard work, their ability to solve problems and to deliver what they promised. I would highly recommend their work."

Nick Ware, Producer, BBC.


Featuring multiple choice and question and answer games, learning and awareness tasks, narrative by Tony Robinson and original music throughout, it comes with a teacher's pack and accompanying teaching materials for key stages 3 & 4 (11-16 years). Launched at the Bethnal Green museum of Childhood, it was presented at the NUT National Conference 2000.

Co-Produced: Paminder Parbha and Dean Whitbread
Designed & Co-written:
Derek Wheeler
Programmed: Chris Stevenson
Audio Design : Dean Whitbread
Narrated: Tony Robinson
Music: Bam! Starboard