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Definition of FUNK

Funk is the smell of sex. That's not what says: but they are stuck with various prissy definitions which dodge this truth. Like Rock and Roll, which is a description of the movement of sex, funk is the reek of people going at it.

Funk is also music. In fact, it's music characterised by syncopated rhythms and strongly defined bass lines. You may find some of that here.You might find ANY kind of music - one thing is guaranteed, it won't be limited to FUNK music.

FUNKBABY.COM grows organically without formal planning and is subject to improvisation, unpredictability, and accident. It may create in you urges to dance or to have sex. Perhaps both at once. Make sure you are physically fit if this is the case.

I, Deek Deekster, am the resident FunkBaby.COM DJ.

I hang out these days with the eclectic testicle guys because they play the dog's bollocks funkiest mixture of stuff you ever heard. It's such a lot of fun, gosh it is, and we are not ashamed to admit it


Blog of Funk: Read the every day story of the smell of sex

Blog of Funk



As we head boldly for collective extinction, I have questions that require answers, like anyone may have.

1: Landfills full of civilisation's discarded products, streets full of fast food packaging, plastic bags and bottles, chewing gum, and car tyres in every last natural place will probably be our lasting legacy. What will the new alien emperors make of that whin a couple of million years ? They will probably think we did it deliberately to pacify some horrible deity of commerce and profit. Oops... we did.

2: Is the gift of life worth the price of suffering and pain and death ?

3: What is the point except the sharp bit at the end anyway ?

Send your cheerful answers on a postcard (also music CDs, MDs, DATs, etc.) to

FUNKBABY.COM, PO Box 14725, London, N78WD, UK

...which is the home of FUNK... should anyone ever mention that they want to know where the FUNK is these days...
all feedback is appreciated. Feel free to make content suggestions. Use ICQ: I am 62524486. Send me a message. Join the webring !

May the funk be your odour.

It's all about Music
It's all about Music
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