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Blessed be the funky. And the unfunky, they too shall be blessed. Just less funky.

Things added in April, 2009

Why Radio & Music Industry Sucks Nowadays

Posted on April 25th . 2
Worth watching every second of this video's 9:23 beginning with the great Frank Zappa, this is an analysis of how marketing breeds out innovation in music. Update: here's an interesting ...

Sexy Underwear

Posted on April 24th .
I wrote "Sexy Underwear" with Dan Brittain during the Rise and Shine show pilot series, with a lot of input from the French-speaking members of the community which ...

Raiding the Writer

Posted on April 16th .
A few times in my career it's been made clear to me that should X star/band choose to record my song, he/she/they will of course be credited as co-writers despite ...

Drunk Bowie Sings Heroes

Posted on April 10th .
Surely I shouldn't be watching this right now, since David Bowie is a PRS registered UK artist and YouTube and PRS are in dispute and all the music is blocked. ...

On Stage with Peter Gabriel

Posted on April 6th .
Wonderful footage from Tony Levin, one of my favourite bass players, from a camera mounted on his bass guitar at one of Peter Gabriel's concerts. Gabriel inspired me hugely as ...