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blog of funk

Blessed be the funky. And the unfunky, they too shall be blessed. Just less funky.

Things added in May, 2009


Posted on May 29th .
Hot on the heels of my Tasty Disco Slice come more dance beats in the form of a three-track release on dPulse Recordings, remixes of Water ...

Tasty Disco Slice

Posted on May 25th . %
In the imaginary disco of the soul, bouncy synth-driven dance music is pretty much the most fun thing to create. There are no boundaries, sonically or otherwise, few or no ...

Easy Virtue

Posted on May 19th . %
It's easier said than done, coping with rejection. Whether you sweat metaphorical blood over a song, or it comes as easily as rain in London, you feel a parental attachment. ...

Eurovision or Eurotrash?

Posted on May 17th . 3
I watched television with 100 million people last night - Eurovision, where music competes across borders, a strange orgy of entertainment which is at least better than war. Norway will ...


Posted on May 5th . 2
Exploring the merits and demerits of composition techniques, I have written here and elsewhere about recycling, quoting and sampling music. I have pondered the commonplace practises of borrowing themes, phrases ...