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blog of funk

Blessed be the funky. And the unfunky, they too shall be blessed. Just less funky.

Things added in June, 2009



Posted on June 30th . %
In the days before recording changed music forever, performance was ubiquitous. Songs were kept alive by people whose performances maintained, interpreted and adapted the music, yet despite the leaky boat ...

Quincy Jones

Posted on June 24th . %
Some people have all the luck, all the talent and we are in awe of their creative majesty. Quincy Jones is such a man. His productions are big, sultry, sensual ...

Top of this City

Posted on June 4th . 4
One sunny day in May, this sweet singalong song seemed to arrive from nowhere. My co-writer Kevin started playing a picked guitar phrase, I started singing, and out popped a ...