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Blessed be the funky. And the unfunky, they too shall be blessed. Just less funky.

Things added in August, 2010

The Great Debate

Posted on August 31st by . %
Let it not be said that music plays a side role in the great battle for hearts and minds. As the 9/11 anniversary coincides with a particularly shrill and vicious ...

Swing Report

Posted on August 28th by .
How do you make a trio sound like a big band, and rock a club? Berliners Dirty Honkers played at the Old Street club I went to last Saturday, ...

I Love Electro Swing!

Posted on August 19th by . %
I used to run a DJ agency ten years ago, and since those crazed times, I've not really bothered to follow all the nuances and subgenres and sub-subgenres of dance ...

Can You Stand Upon One Leg?

Posted on August 13th by .
Not every comic song has the panache to carry the idea through to its musically logical conclusion, but The Divine Comedy's Neil Hannan is refreshingly un-selfconscious in this charmingly silly ...

Life Without Buildings

Posted on August 5th by . %
This excellently odd song, The Leanover, was tipped me via Don Ratto from Unio and Petitio. You might not get it first off - as my pal Yana said, ...