Here is our showreel and some funky blurb you may as well read. We figured that if we put it all online, we could refer people to it as a record, and then they would understand the wonderful things we do and even commission us to do something wonderful for them. Stranger things have happened.

Our creative work is a truly magical beast which changes depending upon the dreams it makes real.

We write and produce music, podcasts, videos, blogs, websites, events and sundry multi-media goodies, and we connect these to audiences online, and also in clubs and theatres and galleries, in print, on radio and television.

How fantastic then that we are modest in all but talent, affordable, and up for creative collaborations, commissions, jobs nobody else would understand or attempt, etc.

We did many of the wonderful things you can witness here just because we wanted to; but it would be wrong to pretend that we were against working for cash, since our excellent skills and hard work afford for us, our wives, children, and sundry hangers on, a simple lifestyle which we all wish to continue to enjoy.

A shared desire to create, express and communicate, stemming from an exuberant appreciation of life's beautiful hilarity is what brought us together, and a profound fear of returning to dire poverty and West Croydon drives us forwards, onwards and upwards, through, between, and to your very doorstep.

OK that's enough of a sales pitch. Have a browse through the back catalogue. Read some of the kind things other people have said about Funk in the web showreel.

Thanks for coming to our doorstep, and for reading this far. We have an open-door policy: you can contact us with your projects, comments or suggestions.

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