The Magnetic Moment of the Antiproton by Cinema du Lyon

Cinema du Lyon aren’t a cinema, they probably aren’t based in Lyon and they haven’t released an album in 15 years. However… this new one is a corker. Presently available on Bandcamp, rumour has it that physical copies will be produced (vinyl? cassette? cuneiform?) and that live concerts may be entertained. Live? In this day and age? The album sticks to the non-genre pretensions of the podcast and their previous album The Particle Zoo with 12 tracks of varying mood and duration which take the illustrational ‘foley’ productions further, each one feeling like a film scene. Presumably the film is about French scientists, trains and exceptionally delicious cuisine.

Either way, listen here.

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Do you remember the old times?

A song called “Old”. I’ve coined a new musical genre, as you do, for this song – Plantagenet. It seemed both timely with the rescuing of Richard III from his carpark grave in Leicester and appropriate for this muse on mortality. The sounds of the clock chiming and the dog are from my childhood home.

The line “Old, I don’t wanna be, lying awake scared of burglary” sometimes gets misheard as “scared of buggery”.

I don’t mind this addition of sexual paranoia, though it wasn’t intended. The listener’s mind completes the work.

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