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Blessed be the funky. And the unfunky, they too shall be blessed. Just less funky.

Things categorized as 'Business'

The Filesharing Song

Posted on September 27th .
This clever little tune is a great response to Lily Allen's recent siding with The Establishment and coming over all Legal - which considering all her early tunes were composed ...

Why Radio & Music Industry Sucks Nowadays

Posted on April 25th . 2
Worth watching every second of this video's 9:23 beginning with the great Frank Zappa, this is an analysis of how marketing breeds out innovation in music. Update: here's an interesting ...

Raiding the Writer

Posted on April 16th .
A few times in my career it's been made clear to me that should X star/band choose to record my song, he/she/they will of course be credited as co-writers despite ...

The Way of the Independent Artist

Posted on March 8th .
The internet is a blessing for the independent creative. It gives us distribution, reach, control over how our work is presented. It also gives us freedom to do the work ...

Success, or Celebrity?

Posted on March 6th .
There is a problem with our modern definition of popular success, which positions it somewhere between the Grammies and rehab. Celebrity culture has totally erased the idea that being an ...