I Love Electro Swing!

I used to run a DJ agency ten years ago, and since those crazed times, I’ve not really bothered to follow all the nuances and subgenres and sub-subgenres of dance music.. there are so bleedin’ many variations, and so tiny are the changes, except once every ten years or so, that the entire dance music edifice is too complex to follow unless you’re clubbing twice a week, every week in several countries, in a selection of outrageous costumes and blood-curdling company.

Still, I’ve just been told there’s a decent electro swing night on, so knowing absolutely nothing about it, I searched and found this charming dance ditty. I particularly like what happens around 2 minutes in… I’ll experience the phenomenon before I decide whether to give this genre its own category.

UPDATE – looks like electro swing might also be termed “music which sounds a bit like Mr Scruff” – it remains to be seen what the subgenre takes from this master of reinvention – will it be simply the mixing of 1930s-40s-50s swing band with contemporary dance beats, or the breathtaking cheek of El Maestro’s time-honoured collages? Report to follow.

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One Reply to “I Love Electro Swing!”

  1. Very nice find, I am a long time fan of Mr. Scruff. DJ Agency is a great name for a DJ, maybe you such consider putting some music together for a club date.

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