Life Without Buildings

This excellently odd song, The Leanover, was tipped me via Don Ratto from Unio and Petitio. You might not get it first off – as my pal Yana said, she didn’t dislike it, she didn’t like it. But I love its gently manic breathless stream of consciousness delivery. Once you grapple with them, the lyrics are pretty good too. The guitar and drums are really beautiful – organic, crisp, and delicate in a way that makes lots of contemporary indie bands seem rather dated and woodenly formulaic.

Apparently the band Life Without Buildings has now gone the way of so many experimental and original outfits and disbanded, which is a shame because I bet they were great live. Ah well, what we have will probably attract a cult following, if it hasn’t already.

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One Reply to “Life Without Buildings”

  1. Wow. I really like the percussive-ness of the vocal and the way in contrasts with the almost predictable guitar work. Tight.

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