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I wrote “Sexy Underwear” with Dan Brittain during the Rise and Shine show pilot series, with a lot of input from the French-speaking members of the community which grew up around Seesmic. France has a jealously-guarded, distinctive cultural music tradition which sets it apart, but while French chansons rarely make it in the UK charts, at 11% France represents the third largest audience for UK music after the US and Germany. So it’s not only a great thing to be able to make music for a French-speaking audience but it makes sound commercial sense.

After the song was written, to my great delight, Otir and Virginie both provided French versions of the lyric, which is about Parisian landlords exploiting poor students for sex. Virginie worked hard on making the lyric flow and sang a guide. The original contains French but is 90% English, and sang in male voice, and since the song is about exploitation of women, it’s appropriate to switch gender.

Today Jule, an American female singer is going to sing the French version. I’m fascinated to hear the results.

<a href="http://songs.riseandshine.tv/track/sexy-underwear">Sexy Underwear by The Daily Song</a>

Post script: Session went really well, and we’ve got a great female French language version recorded. I also shot some video of Jule explaining her personal connection to the issues in the song which I’ll post soon.

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