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Blessed be the funky. And the unfunky, they too shall be blessed. Just less funky.

Things categorized as 'Performance'

Quincy Jones, Jacob Collier

Posted on February 8th .
I read this excellent and frank interview with Quincy Jones, which has startled a few. Some questioned the veracity of some of this answers but it all ...

David Bowie’s Birthday

Posted on January 24th .
I still can't believe what David Bowie did on the 8th January 2013. Take a decade off for good behaviour, then show up unexpectedly and place the question "Where are ...

Reinventing Ritual

Posted on September 29th . %
The image is of myself playing Richard's guitar several hours into a wake. Recently, I've had the dubious pleasure of attending several funerals. I've not been with hardcore drugs ...

Recording, Writing and Inspiration

Posted on July 23rd . %
Performance - Part Two. You might want to read part one first I distinctly remember the moment I realised I was singing a song which I had not written down or ...


Posted on June 30th . %
In the days before recording changed music forever, performance was ubiquitous. Songs were kept alive by people whose performances maintained, interpreted and adapted the music, yet despite the leaky boat ...