Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Funk Builds Cheeze Office

Click the picture above for the larger-scale version of Funk virtual architect Egg Desoto reclining in the new office and meeting rooms suite he has just finished designing and constructing for online marketing agency Cheeze.

The design stems from the Cheeze corporate image and colours, and aside from the usual office furniture it contains an indoor fishpond, a movie screen, an ambient music generator, a copy of Podcast User Magazine, a laptop you can use to email Cheeze, or to log in to Third Life... Nice piece of design, Egg!

Cheeze join Crayon and a number of well-known Earth brands such as IBM, Toyota, General Motors, Starwood Hotels, Wells Fargo, Reuters and the BBC in this growing part of the new digital economy.

Email Egg with your comments and commissions.

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