Art For Our Sake

Funk has a lot of experience in art and design. We are used to working with logos, typefaces, vectors, flash animations, photography, photoshop, new media and print, and we have even been known to pick up pencils.

Mark designed this cat in 2003 as part of a corporate redesign for events company Pussy Promotions, for whom we also coined the alternative trading name Short Paws to prevent the company's legitimate emails being blocked by anti-spam software.

We helped the business sell directly to customers, and also to sell itself to partners and investors, by producing promotional flyers, designing stationery, corporate presentations, digitising and streaming videos.


Dean exhibited prints at the Re.production - the art of the edition in December 1999.

Photographs were taken from news images of the Turkish earthquake disaster, and treated in photoshop to enhance colours and composition.

Over two hours hundreds of prints were made, the printer colour cartridges exhausted, and the images gradually changed becoming more degraded and abstract.

Prints were immediately exhibited and sold, raising money for the Turkish earthquake disaster fund.





In 2004 we submitted work to Mark Thomas' Coca-Cola Nazi Advert Challenge, and we were pleased that 6 out of 7 were used in the exhibition.




NB: For those of you who find these images in bad taste, remember that this exhibition was exposing the Coca-Cola Corporation's involvement with Nazism and Coca-Cola Gmbh's enthusiastic utilisation of slave labour in expansionist Nazi Europe.

However shocking you find the images, they are not as shocking as the fact that a soft drink company was in bed with people who enslaved, tortured and exterminated millions.

Our last big art event was
St Mary Magdalene Gardens
interactive exhibition.