Music Happening

The story of Funk is born in music. Mark taught Dean the chords of C and G major at the age of twelve. Dean has just about mastered them now.

2006 sees us developing the FUNK.CO.UK website to include more downloads and podcasts of our own productions.

We will also be sharing with you music and interviews by people we know and love, so check back.

Mark may or may not have instigated and be behind the mysterious art force that is Cinema Du Lyon.

The music of Cinema Du Lyon was described in Luton's Book of Moules as "a fabulous selection of soundtracks, irresistable grooves, transitions,and aural oddities disturbing and exquisite, which delight the eardrums, excite the passions and bewilder."

Cinema Du Lyon premiered in the UK at the Hanbury Ballroom, Brighton, Easter 2004, when an astouded gigging public watched a thirty minute audio-visual montage, including performance and projections, love poetry read in French by two women in red and black macs. Two male members of the group, apparently oblivious to the audience smoked Gauloises and read Le Monde, played cards, drank gin and tonic. A young girl with them dressed in pink took flash photographs of the audience and of the women posing with them, the entire cast finally leaving the stage before the last song was finished, beating the audience to the bar and awarding themselves chocolates and champagne as a celebration.

Dean sings, produces, and plays live regularly. His latest outings have been with Nood at "Sold Out" this event, Dublin Castle supporting the Wild Uncles, and at Lena Cullen's Offering at the Rex Bar, London. He is currently writing with and producing Claire Smith, and finishing tracks for release in 2006.


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