Internet and Interactive

We have been producing internet and interactive computer-based media for over a decade, integrating video and audio into the web from the outset.

Pre-funk, as well as making corporate websites for Levis, MTV, McClaren Formula One, we pioneered the early days of simulcast internet television and radio, helping to develop interactive live music formats and software shockwave audio and real, so we are used to scaling media and achieving high quality.

Notable moments: Radio 1nteractive, Supergrass, at the London Astoria, The Big Chill at the Brixton Academy, Res Rocket Surfer, Notting Hill Carnival, the Sex Pistols at the 100 Club, Vince Clarke's conceptual Millenium eve event, "The Shed Show", with live video chat and web filmshow, "Just Right" the Amnesty International interactive CD Rom.

Aside from developing and maintaining podcasts and blogs for FUNK.CO.UK, since 2003 commissions have ranged from corporate and local government CD Roms, on site multi-screen presentation, interactive art in the park, and websites for: music group Caramel Jack, fashion designer Lawrence Easden, costume jewellery designer / retailer Tamara Loves Leather, and the John Cleese Official Podcast. Whenever he's ready.

We also document social events, 2005 UK election blog Five featuring in national UK newpapers.