Audience happenings

We've been jointly and separately involved in live events since the sun rose over our cots, bathing us in golden opportunities to risk all for the sake of smiling faces and the wonderful "wow" moment when you realise that you are experiencing, with assembled throng, a piece of performing history that will not be repeated and will continue to be talked about for as long as mouths continue to make noises we charmingly call language.

Mark prowled the South Coast for years possessed by his lust for good quality played music, bucking the dance trend and maintaining acoustic nights at the Hanbury Ballroom, Brighton, under the banner Closer. Then in a fabulous extension of the ethos, he started Louder and gave a splendidly welcome boost to the fortunes of many local bands and artists, as well as attracting names to play for enthusiastic audiences.

Dean started UKDJ which provided DJs with work and dance fans with nights out between 2001 and 2003.

We started and helped to maintain Far Out in London during 2003-2004 which starred such fabulous luminaries as Dagenham Dave, Dolly Ginsberg, Tiventi Bensons, Caroline Trettine, Kid Carpet, The Archway Egyptian Dancers, Simon Miles, Caramel Jack, Christel Vars, Rory Moore, The Mountain Firework Company, Planet Man, and Ashley Slater.