Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The Beginning of Everything

Now the Summer ends, mornings are colder, here comes Autumn, the beginning of everything.

Since August 11th so much has happened that this pretty regular blog has been stymied. In no particular order - a close friend lost it, by which I mean ranted raved and generally behaved so badly that I questioned the friendship; finished the production on two tracks, both of which took many hours of painstaking work; my gorgeous girlfriend returned from Palestine; the Olympics finished.

I have enjoyed the Olympics, it's a strange display of control and the lack of it. I particularly enjoy the moment when the athletes finish and realise - I've Done It ! then all the macho dissolves into tears and I well up on the sofa. Pinsent's medal ceremony had me gushing more than a Lassie film ever did.

What is that response about ? Like many, I am jaded and hardened by years of exposure to images of agony, grief and barbaric cruelty via TV, film, and news photography. I was brought up in the Cold War in the awful shadow of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, witness to the starvation of millions in Biafra, Ethiopia, the bombing burning stabbing and shooting of civilians in Northern Ireland, Spain, South Africa, Algeria, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iraq, Tibet, Burma, Chechnya, Afghanistan, systematic rape and torture and slaughter in El Salvador, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sudan.. the list is endless... and so rarely do any of us shed tears at this vast continuing array of human cruelty. Yet a single well-fed rippling pampered athlete coming first provokes the emotion you'd think would never see light of day. Is it like people who say a silent goodbye to old friends at a funeral, yet wail and moan and splash at the death of a pet ?

And what of Cornelius Horan, the protester who tried to wreck the Marathon by running in front of and pushing the front-running Brazilian Vanderlei De Lima, in order to alert us to the imminent Second Coming of Christ ? It's a bit like the Aaron Barschak the self-proclaimed Comedy Terrorist who broke into Windsor Castle. If you want to get past a paranoid security cordon, act (and dress) like a lunatic. That's the problem with modern terrorists - take themselves far too seriously. Comedy is the true revolution.

De Lima was awarded a special medal in the end after recovering to come third and take the bronze medal. Personally I thought the way around the inevitable protests about fairness would clearly be to let Cornelius loose upon the whole tired pack of Marathon runners so as to equally upset them all - that way he could be considered part of the course, the religious part if you will. For the record, Christ didn't come second - Mebrahtom Keflezighi of the United States took silver.

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At 4:29 PM, Blogger rae quoth...

The Olympics is a sick endeavor, born of a world with too much time, too much money, and not enough empathy. Canada won [only] 12 medals, and Canada's IOC rep said Canadians should all feel great shame about it. The US won the most medals, and one American news station that reported on it in the next breath described how more Americans than ever are living in poverty. That's stupidity at it's finest.

I have been thinking about writing our IOC rep a letter to ask the question: what brings more shame, a small number of medals, or 10 000 more people living in poverty? I am gawddamn proud that my government is thinking with me on this one, and not with Mr.Pound.

At 1:54 PM, Blogger Indigobusiness quoth...

Your 4th paragraph says it very well.
But what about your raving erstwhile friend? Must've been quite a rant.


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