Saturday, January 08, 2005

You Naughty Dirty Evil-Minded Scumsucker

I considered it a compliment. These were words of tenderness, whispered over a dusky romantic dinner, her half-lidded eyes looking deep across the flickering golden candles, a hint of heaven's reward tempered by the knowledge of our blatant mutual carnality. Or so it seemed to me at the time.

Last night went well. I think we have raised about 1k in Great British Super Strength Pounds (that's about 2:1 to the appallingly weak Deficit Dollar) and we also raised some... I was going to write "consciousness" but I am tempted to put "cous cous". Have you noticed how predictive text on phones is altering the way we conceive and formulate language ? I live (according to my phone) in Hgigatsz rather than Highbury... I actually prefer that, it makes me feel I am living in somewhat of a more Bohemian quarter than the smelly but somehow trendy borough I really inhabit.

World Vision sent the redoubtable Lucy to help out (poor woman hadn't had a break since boxing day) and we put posters up and asked for donations on the door, and there were a host of acts including Planetman with his rock funk psychedelia, the fantastic samba drumming of Rhythms of Resistance, some really cool young vocal acts whose names I ought to remember - Shauna aka Angel I thought was strong - a great reggae artist called One Jah, The Rub, Nubu, Itch, Bass6s & GunSmoke, DJ Daggers. Yours truly contributed a rabble-rousing speech, and sang half a song, before moving hastily on to the young people with proper beats and a future in entertainment.

DJ Dags played his usual, "guaranteed to move your feet in-between acts" set, and I was bopping at 2.30am to "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick". I fell in love with all the female members of the samba band and I wanted to take them all home with me. God I admire a strong woman who can wield a big stick. Still, enough of my pain. It was a good showing for a winter windy night a week after the new year. Marathon-running Pop Star Tyrrell was there, the huge and talented artist Lisa Muten was there. I met a creative brother and sister: Latifa Spiker is showing her art at The Foundry, Old Street, and her brother Hasan Spiker (Happy 18th!) - check out his music. I haven't heard such unusual music for a while. Natural successor to Julian Cope, Beck ? With several slices of Hendrix, and something else besides.

Here are some photos from last night all taken with the trusty Sony Errricccsssoonnn K700i:

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At 3:23 AM, Blogger transience quoth...

nice photos. i realize my cameraphone is utter crap. bugger.


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