Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day Massacred

Well, we made it. Here we are, unscathed, we resisted the hype, forswore consumer love, and now it's time to reveal our secret weapon, our magical avian protector, the water-born prophylactic of myth who has accompanied us through the past month leading up to this dread day.

The Deadly Duckling, our very own anti-Cupid talisman will be about tonight, scouting for cherubs and bringing them down in a hail of lead, Al Capone-style, protecting the innocent, saving hearts from being broken.
Don't be fooled by the cute exterior - this is merely a clever yellow camouflage to enable effortless entry into those candlelit haunts, bars, restaurants, dancehalls and diners where the susceptible - that's YOU and ME and ALL OF US - remain unaware of the evil cherub's proximity. Yes there will be arrows tonight - but there will also be the ratatatatatat! of reality knocking on the window, locking the bathroom door, and insisting that dreams and illusions stay right where we want them - in the safe world of glossy magazines and Mills and Boon pulp fiction and Hollywood trash and TV mayhem.

Meanwhile... here's the internet date profile we created for HB:
I am being assisted by the Valentine Resistance Movement in my quest to find a date. This means I am rejecting the nonsense spread around on behalf of that chubby myopic winged archer, who tells us to buy champagne and roses and rush around like a desperado looking for pink fluffyness. While the crazy people get stressed out by this, instead I am looking for a real woman who I can relax and laugh and enjoy life and see the world with. Originally from Norway, I have a good life in London and would like to meet a woman of similar age with similar attitudes. I'm pretty healthy but can be persuaded otherwise when the time is right and the moon is bright and the jeans are not too tight. I play good grooves on my Rickenbacker, currently practising my funk riffs and anticipating your message of interest. Love, Bass_Player

.... which seems to be working so far. He he he he! and on a Monday too.

If, after all this preparation and Valentine's Day inoculation, the stars tonight seem suddenly to twinkle extra sharp, and you catch your breath without quite yet knowing why, your heart skips a beat and then races, your pupils dilate, and your ears sense an almost-inaudible flutter of wings as you acknowledge a sudden pain, which is yet unlike pain, inasmuch as the world it takes you to forgives and allows all injury for the sake of love, take yourself in hand, wash your face with cold water, have a shot of cognac, and run your mind around this little ditty:
O Love, O pure deep love,
be here, be now.
Be all; worlds dissolve
into your stainless endless radiance,
Frail living leaves burn with you
brighter than cold stars:
Make me your servant,
your breath, your core.


From Agape Love: A Tradition Found in Eight World Religions by Sir John Templeton, © 1999

UPDATE: My Valentine's Day Moblog Image (see right column) has just been selected as Editor's Pick at TEXTAMERICA.COM which should help to bring Cupid within firing range....

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At 4:10 PM, Blogger karma quoth...

haha ROTFL !!! could you be funnier? some imagination you have! ... and have a wonderful (V) day anyway :))

At 12:35 AM, Blogger transience quoth...

so it was the deadly duckling gnawing at my toes last night. why didn't you tell me of this sooner?

At 4:46 AM, Blogger Blog ho quoth...

congrats on the picture pic. seems i saw another pic of yours there as i went to check out your glory. a blue faced devil that caught my eye some time ago. perhaps not, the memory is fragile.


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