Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Coyotes, Dentists and Fish

I've been enjoying writing about creatures so far, though anyone looking for an intellectual treatise on the subject will be sadly disappointed, as always I write from the inside out, from the centre of my experience and memories. Before the month is out though, I may yet attempt to write discursively upon such lofty symbols as the Eagle or the Snake.. or perhaps I will just listen to Joni Mitchell, who has done that so very well - I recommend Coyote as a start point for those unfamiliar with her work.

Meanwhile, damn it, my own animal nature is revealing itself, and that is partly the reason for my choice of monthly subject.

Our heads may be in the clouds but our feet are of clay. I only wish my feet were of Cassius Clay, and then I would have five-times champion of the world boxing feet. My head is very shortly (less than one hour's time) to be not in the clouds but in a dentist's chair - another thing I am phobic about, along with certain bugs, and food-poisoning. Hello Mr Root Canal Specialist, I won't say, please be gentle with me, I am 43, with the charm of a fully grown mentalist, but the sensibility of a minnow.

Wish me well, I need it, for this may prove to be not just utterly loathesome and painful, but fucking expensive to boot.

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