Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, proud leader of Apple Computers, denizen of the digital domain. But what do you know about the man behind the aura?

On the cusp of the keynote, here are ten things you didn't know about Steve Jobs:

  1. He likes Norman Wisdom films - and he loves to surprise staff with his sudden cry of "Mr Grimsdale!" and his falling over routine;
  2. He eats tutti frutti ice cream every day - he's a fan of the hard little buttons of colour;
  3. After an Aspen skiing accident, he once spent 24 hours thinking he was Richard Branson;
  4. He has a phobia of artificial scents, and particularly scented toilet paper;
  5. He owns a set of Marcel Duchamp's golf clubs which he bought at auction in 1996;
  6. He is a qualified podiatrist, and gave his reason for quitting the profession as "Feet";
  7. He has a twin sister called Eve;
  8. He is a prize-winning harmonica player with a cabinet full of trophies;
  9. He likes his eggs "shiny side up" - but nobody ever asks him what it means;
  10. He has said that he would have preferred to have been born as either Brian Eno or Alexander the Great.

Blog of Funk, once again bringing you much more truth.

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At 4:44 PM, Blogger Lloyd quoth...

The Batman Car - what about the
Batman Car????

There's so much rubbish being written today about Jobs, it's hard to work out what's truth and what's rumour.

Thanks for adding to the confusion.

At 5:09 PM, Blogger Deek Deekster quoth...

I was going to mention the Batman car, but I didn't think people would believe me. His sister has it.

At 5:51 PM, Blogger Elisabeth quoth...

After reading the point about wanting to be Brian Eno, I think i (finally) understand. It all makes sense.

Just one thing: Brian Eno in the glam makeup and dreadful singing era, or Brian Eno in the more sedate Apollo era?

Thanks for the clarification.

At 2:40 AM, Blogger Twit quoth...

Mr Deekster!
With all this truth, you are really spoiling us!

the every day story of the smell of money

At 2:46 AM, Blogger orangefrute88 quoth...

i picked a great day to come back and read you! isn't jobs dreamy? just gobstopping dreamy. sigh. thanks for the additional insights xxx

At 10:35 PM, Blogger dweller quoth...

ha ha that was really good!
if only...

At 12:35 AM, Blogger Indigobusiness quoth...

All I want is some truth.

At 8:43 PM, Blogger Comfort Addict quoth...

Didn't he also once eat a diet of nothing but fruit? I've always wondered whether that was apocryphal or not.

At 4:23 PM, Blogger Tater Lady quoth...

great blog!

At 8:24 PM, Blogger iball quoth...

also like apparently once apparently he had a cold and went in to his office and said "i've got a code" and everyone in his office picked up a pencil simultaneously.


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