Friday, September 24, 2004


There are too many tree-surgeons in London and not enough trees, which means that any tree which slightly deviates from straight or dares to suffer wind or traffic damage is rapidly reduced to a stump. Ugly brutal and stupid, since the replacements take many years to grow trunks thick enough to withstand the urban environment and what they are replacing will in a year or two look beautiful again as nature (with a bit of pruning) makes good the damage.

I despair at human folly regarding the natural environment and frequently rail against the optimists, whose argument goes something like, science will develop solutions to every problem we cause.. well, only if the biosphere sustains sufficient life to allow us to develop anything beyond about 20 years time.. and against the fatalists who say, well, it's all fucked, beyond help, let's just resign ourselves to destruction..

How do we know whether the damage done so far has already pushed us past the point of no return ? If it hasn't, how are we going to be able to adjust our way(s) of life on a sufficiently grand scale and in a concerted enough manner to avoid the Mass Extinction Event we seem to be headed for / causing ?

A part of me rationalises like this: we are part of nature. So, horrible as this may seem, our short-sighted greedy arrogant nature-abusive (is this too strong? I think not!) behaviour is natural.. and nature will find a balance, by wiping us all out if necessary.

I'd rather humanity grew up and restrained itself, and stopped acting like the drunken spoiled teenager, than smashed itself and all it's lifeform pals into a brick wall one drunken night some decade or other. Environmentalists have for years been saying, if we don't reverse (that's REVERSE not CEASE) our wanton destruction of the environment by around 2020, we all going down de pan.The Mayans predicted the end of the world to be 2012... and that's as far as I can think right now. So, that means, I can retire at 50 since the world will be no longer an option. Nice.

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At 8:37 AM, Blogger Kate Ford quoth...

Ohhh Ohhhh,this is SO true! It makes me sick what is happening to the environment and people just keep right on going like nothing's happening thinking, "this won't make any difference in such a big world". Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! With *everyone* doing the same thing, it's killing the planet. We slightly older generation will at least have had a chance to see the earth in semi- decent condition before it is trashed completely. I just hope that my kids learn from the example I've tried to teach them - take care of the earth!


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