Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Vote Me Happy

I am in a splendid mood today. I think it's because I got some sleep. I can't say everything is coming up roses. but lemon-scented geraniums aren't bad. The Palestinian election has passed off without major drama, despite the Israelis doing their best to deny valid voters entrance to the polls, and with a 66% turnout to put most established democracies to shame, many women voters taking part, and a convincing win for the pro-Peace (whatever that means) candidate, things are perhaps looking up. Most people just don't get that peace, for Palestine, has meant accepting the loss of 78% of their homeland, as well as living under a kind of occupation that even members of the Israeli government have categorised as Nazi.

The reason for the lovely picture above (aside from my improved mood) is the frankly hilarious mix up that the wonderful Royal Mail made over Kwithmuth, where presents meant for Ascension Island were sent to Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay, and mail due for Ascension's major settlement, Georgetown, arrived thousands of miles away in Georgetown, Guyana. I would vote for that in a Top Xmas Blunder Poll. I started laughing at the thought of Paraguayans receiving the annual Branston Pickle shipment, and the Guyanan's getting timeley news of the slight downturn in South East England house prices and the himalayan parakeet population explosion in West London. Actually there are some in nesting on Hampstead Heath, so I will soon have bright green screeching birds to add to my daily avian spread.

Speaking of Polls, I am amazed and ridiculously pleased that this humble Blog is now at #7 in the Blogspotting Rankings. Having read this far, please click the "Rate Me" button to the right of this post, then "Enter and Vote" so that I may reach the Top 3 at least before I pass into Blog Oblivion. Gwaan - Vote Me Happy !

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At 9:30 PM, Blogger Sir Peter Maxwell quoth...

Good show for the link old chap?

I must ask what was the comment you left on my blog all about, all the random numbers and letters?

At 1:20 AM, Blogger Laurie quoth...

I voted. Have fun on your ride to the top.


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