Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Extending the Family

I wrote that Zoe is my only sister, but that (it turns out) isn't true. Yesterday I learnt that I have another one. I also have another brother - so that makes 4 in total.

There hasn't been some kind of late breeding program for the over 60's. I just met my Dad #1 after 37 years. Decided that my instinct was telling me (or God decided, and told me via the Agnostic Grapevine) that I had to do it yesterday. So having had his address for 2 years, and having worked out a while back that I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, I got on a train and went and knocked on his door.

He was very chuffed and coped with me walking in remarkably well. His lovely wife wept tears of shock and joy, then recovered and told me all about their lot. I saw photos from my early life which brought back vivid memories, drank tea, chatted happily for 2 hours, and left promising to come back, and realising that I had done a good thing.

I get the impression that I have just altered many people's lives, and I was just trying to sort my own out, actually, so that's cool. My sister was delighted when I told her. I have a half-brother and sister who want to meet me.

Apart from feeling slightly knackered, and concerned that Mum doesn't become scared and defensive (always a possibility) I'm actually calm and cheerful. This beats not knowing and wondering and what ifs. I am glad I didn't wait longer. Several friends have no parents left; now I have increased my sum total.

I am not expecting major changes or upheavals or miracles of any sort, but I have a definite idea that this morning the world is different. I wonder what will happen now.

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At 10:33 AM, Blogger Mark Crook quoth...

This can only be a good thing ...


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